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Click-Clack Cat Wand

Cats are crazy about chaser games!

This interactive cat toy will help your cat jump, chase, flip and pounce. Great way to get your cat's energy out and exercise, making your cat happy and healthy. Even adult cats play like kittens again.

A great way to build trust and companionship with your beloved cats. Bright, exclusive, fashionable and high-quality handmade toys for cats and kittens that will definitely please your fluffy pet. Wand makes a pleasant clicking sound when waved through the air that grabs your cat's attention.

Ideal for photoshoots and other activities

$13.00 USD


Handle color: Green, blue, purple, red

Material: faux suede loops, plastic, beads, bell, decorative elements, plexiglass.

Hand made


Quantity: 1
Length: Handle (12 in); total (15 in)
Weight: ≈ 0.6 oz


Production time:

  • Varies depending on order size
  • Standard size orders average 30 business days after order confirmation


  • We ship our orders quickly after production
  • Actual shipping time depends on product size, weight, location, and carrier
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Click-Clack Cat Wand

$13.00 USD