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Telescope 24" Mink

Telescopic retractable fishing pole design for fun and flexible play.

This cat toy wand extends from 15 in to 24 in. It’s very light, durable and easy to store.

The fully extended wand is long enough to cover large space for playing, it can really get your cats' daily exercise. It’s very light so that cat teasing is no longer a tough job for you. This wand model has the ability to change attachments (extra attachments sold separately). We sell replacement tips (mink, rabbit, feather, leather)

Purrfect for photoshoots due to the long handle. Photographer's Favorite!

$16.00 USD


Color options: red, blue, silver, purple, pink, lime, gold, green

Material: mink, plastic, plexiglass, stainless metal, bell, decorative elements.

Hand made.


Quantity: 1
Length: Handle (15 in); total (24 in)
Weight: ≈ 1.0oz

Production and Delivery

Production time:

  • Varies depending on order size
  • Standard size orders average a minimum of 30 business days after order confirmation


  • We ship our orders quickly after production
  • Actual shipping time depends on product size, weight, location, and carrier

Cat wands, toys, show cages, portable litter box, folding signs and pet carrier are excluded from the 30 day minimum production

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Telescope 24" Mink