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Delia I

This designer cat furniture is a great gift for your furry friend, cat lover, or other cat owners. Our furniture is durable, pet-friendly, and safe. The wood is thick enough even for the larger cats. A multifunctional complex that allows a perfect place for your cats to play, sleep in and plenty areas to climb. A tall scratching ramp that allows your cats to take care of their nails.

 Delia II set includes:

  • 6 castle modules
  • 2 castle lounges
  • 1 third-tier ramp
  • 1 second-tier stairs
  • 2 bridges
  • 1 tall scratching pole
  • 1 short scratching pole

**During check-out under special notes write in the two letters that you would like for your mattresses*

$940.00 USD


Three-tier cat complex with several openings for easy access to the desired level. Open plan complex encourages exploration for your cats. The top levels are loungers for additional sleeping space for your cats.
Twelve-piece modular set with two modules (MATTEO), four modules (ADA), two bridge (ALCEO), tall ramp (AMATO-II) and three-tier steps (ADELINA). Ten mattress pads insert inside and on top. Different color choice of fabric available.
This product provides multiple comfortable bedding areas with cushions for your pet. Where they can sleep, relax, or warm up. It will perfectly fit into your home décor and your pet needs. It will provide a safe space for your pet. Sleeping on the floor is not always the best option for your cat, so bring them extra comfort with their own lounger. Pieces can be used individually or with other complexes.


Material: We use only high-quality plywood in creation of our projects. The finish of the product can be: stained, painted, or unfinished. Different color choices available. They are durable and safe for humans and pets.
Maintenance: Use a furniture cleaner or dish soap with warm water on a rag to remove dirt or debris from the product. Mattresses are machine washable on a cold setting and low tumble dry.

Weight limit: 35 lbs

Weight: 78.2 lbs

Production and Delivery

Production time:

  • Varies depending on order size
  • Standard size orders average a minimum of 30 business days after order confirmation


  • We ship our orders quickly after production
  • Actual shipping time depends on product size, weight, location, and carrier

Cat wands, toys, show cages, portable litter box, folding signs and pet carrier are excluded from the 30 day minimum production

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Delia I