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A short ramp with built in scratcher and cubby. Allows your cats to climb into the modules, sharpen their nails, and tuck away in the sleeping cubby.

Can be used as a standalone module or paired with our other standard modules.

$45.00 USD


One-piece accessory perfect for use with our other modules. Provide easy access to two-tier sets and traction for your pets when climbing. Carpet lined to keep your pets off furniture and allow them to sharpen their nails. Can be used for small kittens and dogs.

Weight limit: 35 lbs

Material: We use only high-quality sanded plywood in the creation of our projects. The finish of the product can be: stained, painted, or unfinished. Different color choices available. They are durable and safe for humans and pets.
Maintenance: Use a furniture cleaner or dish soap with warm water on a rag to remove dirt or debris from the product. Mattresses are machine washable on a cold setting and low tumble dry.


Quantity: 1
Dimensions: 17.5" length x 13.7" height x 17.7" width
Weight: 5.36 lbs


Production time:

  • Varies depending on order size
  • Standard size orders average 30 business days after order confirmation


  • We ship our orders quickly after production
  • Actual shipping time depends on product size, weight, location, and carrier
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