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Business Card Cat Wand

PRE-ORDER ONLY (due to personalized design.) 

All orders are currently paused! Next availability is 2024

A beautiful and unique one-of-a-kind designer toy for cats and kittens with the name of your pet, cattery or event. Decorative and letter beads is inside the handle.

A gorgeous and unforgettable cat toy can serve as a BUSINESS CARD of your cattery, which will serve as a long-term advertisement for your business. It will also show off your cat's uniqueness and individuality at photo shoots.

It's a great cat gift for you and your cat!

Pictures will give you idea of colors and options for design.

Almost ANY color combination available. Details and design will be discussed individually. 

Discount price!  

 Qty: 1 $22.00/count
 Qty: 5 $20.00/count
 Qty: 10 $19.00/count
 Qty: 15 $18.00/count
 Qty: 20 $17.00/count
 Qty: 25 $16.00/count
 Qty: 35 $15.00/count
 Qty: 40 $14.00/count

$22.00 USD


Color options: blue, royal blue, purple, green, red, yellow, white, black, orange, pink, fuchsia, grey, and more (if you're looking for other colors reach out to us and we'll work with you to get your desired product). The shade of the color may vary due to the individuality of the product and the vision of the designer.

Material: thick tufts of feathers, plastic, plexiglass, stainless metal, bell, beats, decorative elements.

**Hand made


Quantity: 1
Length: Handle (9 in); Total length (15 in)
Weight: ≈ 0.9 oz.


Production time:

  • Varies depending on order size
  • Standard size orders average 30 business days after order confirmation


  • We ship our orders quickly after production
  • Actual shipping time depends on product size, weight, location, and carrier
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Business Card Cat Wand